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The ill effects of snus
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 01, 2006 3:58 pm    Post subject: FROM A MEDICAL STANDPOINT

As a medical student I've been thoroughtly studying the effects of snus on the body. Per definition the only harmful substance in snus is the nicotine.

However, contrary to the popular belief that nicotine is damaging to your health - this is NOT the case. According to the medicine there's no actual proof that nicotine causes ANY harm in the body.

Empirical evidence has, however, shown that nicotine itself may cause the following 2 disorders:

Due to a detergent effect on the protective mucous lining the stomach and duodenum.

Due to an irritating effect on the vascular endothelium.

But remember that this is only EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE, not an actual verification.

In addition, WEAK empirical evidence has also shown that snus as a whole may cause the following disorder:

This is a very severe disorder marked by pancreatitis and following release of enzymes usually preoccupied with digesting the food you eat into the abdominal cavity.

As a final personal remark, snus also has an irritating effect on the oral mucosa. Even though nicotine itself is not cancerogenous, any incidence that causes increased cell turnover increases the risk of one of the new cells to turn oncological. In other words, the final disorder that snus may cause is:


However, there's NO empirical evidence of this as far as I know.

I'm heavy on the snus myself and like to tell myself that snus is not harmful since there's no actual evidence. But statistics show that me and probably everybody else reading this post MAY be at risk...

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 17, 2006 4:16 am    Post subject:

The risk of using snus is tiny. Eating barbequed or broiled food is FAR more dangerous!
The best source for the truth on tobacco is Dr. Brad Rodu's site:
The link between nicotine and health problems is very weak, and the oral cancer link in using snus is also very weak. Furthermore, oral cancers are, 99% of the time, preceded by a white patch called leukoplakia. Let your dentist know you are using snus and ask him to watch for these patches. If one forms, QUIT. It means that you are possibly genetically predisposed to cancer. Studies show the chances of it developing further into a cancer are almost zero...if you quit.
By the way, the safest form of tobacco consumption is nasal snuff, where, despite literally hundreds of years of studies, NO link has been found to use of nasal snuff and health effects of any kind.
I drive, I eat grilled food, I scuba dive...all of these things are much more likely to kill me than snus. But I like to do them all, and accept the risk. So it all comes down to your personal risk preference. Tobacco has been so insanely demonized that the sad truth is that you can't trust nearly any study done on it any more...if some poor researcher is so silly as to publish a study pointing out the facts, he'll be savagely attacked. Ask Dr. Rodu! He almost lost his job for simply pointing out the inarguable fact that smokeless tobacco is at least 98% safer than smoking.
I find it amazing and horrifying that the official position of the American Cancer Society is that smokeless tobacco is just as a dangerous as smoking. Not only is this a blatant lie, but think of the harm it causes. Any person who quits smoking cigarettes and switches to smokeless tobacco has reduced their risk of health problems by 98%, but because of the ACS's PC stance of "all tobacco is evil" they would rather have people die than know this fact. They should be ashamed.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 17, 2006 4:42 pm    Post subject:

It is unfortunate, but so-called "politically correct" organizations in the U.S.A. (and other Countries as well) deprive citizens the truths regarding nicotine and tobacco - and most of those performing the distortions undoubtley digest Nicotine into their system in some form or another;

Nicotine is natrually occuring in the same family plants as tobacco - tomatoes, eggplants, cauliflower, potatoes etc. In fact, the "Australian Breastfeeding Association" warns their patients about consuming such products with nicotine when breastfeeding (hard to hear such a thing from the Medical Communties on U.S. Soil!) See:

And scroll down to the Subheading "NICOTINE" and look at the last section (bullet listed).

The Nicotine presence also occurs in Teas - that's been called "puzzling", and perhaps explained as happening due to some plants being used from Countries that spray their plants with insecticides that contain nicotine.

In addition to Dr. Brad Rodu's sites mentioned here in this topic, there is also:

which are sites dedicated to Tobacco Harm Reduction.

As Brad Rodu, Philip Cole, and others point out, it is the SMOKE doing the major killing.
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